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    About Us

    Carpet Cleaning You Can Count On. We Add New Life To Your Carpets.

    Back 2 New Cleaning Perth offers perfect carpet cleaning solutions for commercial as well as residential properties. Although there are various DIY carpet cleaning machines available on the market, they do not all provide long-lasting results. Our Carpet Cleaning Perth team uses eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe and also provide a fixed price guarantee. We also have local cleaning experts that offer 24/7 service for bookings, same day service and in emergency cases, can provide service within one hour. So, why wonder, get in touch with us on (08) 6109 8217 for instant free and honest quotes.

    Importance Of Professional Carpet Cleaning

    Many businesses and homeowners do not realise that in addition to spot cleaning and regular vacuuming, professional carpet cleaning is a must. Carpets make your space pleasing and more comfortable, but without proper and regular cleaning, they can become dull and full of harmful pollutants. Some reasons to have carpets cleaned professionally:-

    • Extends the life of your carpet
    • Enhances the appearance of your room
    • Protects and maintains the indoor air quality of carpet
    • Removes stains and spots
    • Protects collection of bacteria and allergens over the carpetMakes the carpet look clean and fresh
    • Makes the carpet look clean and fresh
    • Removes bedbugs and dust mites
    • Maintains the warranty of the carpet

    Here Is The List Of Carpet Cleaning Services We Provide:-

    We are here to solve your cleaning queries and provide solutions with the help of our professionals. Call us, send an Email or Send an SMS, you will always get the assistance.

    Here Is The List Of Carpet Cleaning Services We Provide:-

    carpet steam

    Carpet Steam Cleaning

    Steam Cleaning is one of the best and most effective ways to clean your carpet. It involves the use of vacuum cleaners, hot water, and cleaning agents. Carpet Shampooing is done with the help of a water applicator, a mixture of cleaning agents and hot water. This solution kills away various bacteria, germs and other contaminants from your carpet. Moreover, it also weakens the stains and spots by ultimately removing them later on with a vacuum cleaner.

    carpet dry

    Carpet Dry Cleaning

    In this process, cleaning agents are sprayed over your carpets. Once these cleaning agents are absorbed into the carpet, they break down all the allergens, dirt and contaminants of your carpet. Then a vacuum cleaner is used to remove all the residue. In other words, it involves leaving no moisture on the carpets. Thus, dry cleaning is an effective, time-saving and affordable carpet cleaning method.

    carpet stain

    Carpet Stain Removal

    Our carpet cleaning experts know that most spots and spills are easily removed with our extraction cleaning process. Sometimes, stubborn stains, such as lipstick, blood, food stains, permanent marker, etc require special treatment. Thus, we have professionally trained cleaning experts to take care of all spots and stains through our special stain removal services.

    carpet mould

    Carpet Mould Removal

    A mould on carpet is a living organism that grows in moisture. If left unchecked, it can damage your carpet and can affect your surroundings. Hence, we have employed a licensed and qualified team of mould remediation experts for your carpets.

    carpet deodorisation

    Carpet Deodorisation and Odour Removal

    Our deodorisers keep your carpets smell and look good. They counteract unwanted odours found in your homes. Our deodorizers also protect fabric fibres without letting fragrance vacuum. In addition, our products also meet the high standards of Green Certification.

    carpet sanitisation

    Carpet Sanitisation

    Our carpet cleaning process tackles stubborn stains and disinfects viruses and germs without using harsh chemicals. Our home carpet cleaners are highly trained in caring for your carpet from cleaning and disinfecting, fibre identification and fabric care. Thus, you can rest assured that your house is in good hands.

    Most Common Carpet Stains We Remove:-

    We offer a complete set of carpet stain removal services all over Perth. Below are some of the most common stains that our cleaning experts remove thoroughly from your carpets:-

    ink stains

    Ink Stains

    blood stains

    Blood Stains

    oil stain

    Oil Stains

    coffee stains

    Coffee Stains

    paint stains

    Paint Stains

    wine stains

    Wine Stains

    lipstick stains

    Lipstick Stains

    food stain

    Food Stains

    pet stains

    Pet Urine Stains and many more

    Extend the Sparkling Appearance Of Your Cleaned Carpets With Scotchgard

    We provide deep cleaning, carpet Scotchgard service and a satisfactory carpet protection treatment for your home and office. Our specialists use spray extraction cleaning machines that prolong the life of your carpets by extracting dirt rather than the piles of the carpet. After extracting all the dirt, mud and stains, our cleaning experts use Scotchgard protector which makes it easier to remove spills in the future. Moreover, it allows for a fast cleanup which prevents your carpets from permanent stains and discolouration. Thus, Scotchgard acts as an invisible repellent barrier between carpet stain protection and carpet fabric protection.

    expert carpet cleaning perth

    Look At The Process We Follow To Clean Your Carpets

    Below are a series of steps our technicians undertake to clean your carpets:-

    Step 1 – Pre-Inspection

    Our deep carpet cleaning specialists initially perform a visual pre-inspection of your carpet and identify stains and thus, provide an evaluation of results. Moreover, furniture is moved as required.

    Step 2 – Pre-Vacuum

    Carpets are pre-vacuumed to remove excess debris and dry soil from the surface. This also opens up carpet fibres.

    Step 3 – Stain Treatment

    Special biodegradable cleaning solutions are used for carpet shampooing to treat stained areas.

    Step 4 – Rotary Agitation And Steam Cleaning

    Herein a rotary brush is used to extract dirt and soil before the steam cleaning process. In addition, fibre rinse is added to the steam cleaning process.

    Step 5 – Deodorise And Sanitise

    It keeps your carpet smelling fresh, removes its odour and kills germs and bacteria.

    Step 6 – Grooming

    The final step in the process of carpet cleaning is grooming. It helps to reset the pile and promotes quick drying of your carpet.

    Step 7 – Final Inspection

    Our experts provide deep carpet cleaning and will inspect your area, thus making sure that you are happy with our service. Thus, they ensure that we stand by our satisfaction guarantee.

    Call Us For Professional End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning in Perth!

    When moving out of your property, you are required to leave it in the exact manner it was when you moved in. Many times, landlords deduct the cleaning expense from your security amount. Our end of lease carpet cleaning service will help you to eliminate this deduction. We have highly trained local carpet cleaners who use non-toxic cleaning solutions to steam clean your carpets properly without causing any damage. So, avail our effective and same day carpet cleaning services and don’t give your landlord any reason to complain and keep your bond.

    Same Day Carpet Cleaning service in Perth

    We are a well known and one of the most renowned

    carpet cleaning companies in the industry and try to deliver quality services within 24 hours of booking an appointment. In case you need our service at a short notice, we are ready to serve you with affordable carpet cleaning. Our carpet cleaners are certified and can handle any carpet cleaning task you want, whether it’s a mat in a single bedroom home or wall-to-wall carpets. Moreover, our cleaners use advanced cleaning equipment and techniques thereby ensuring an effective and fast cleaning every time. In addition, our carpet cleaning prices are genuine and reasonable.

    Look At Why We Are A Leading Carpet Cleaning Company In Perth

    We serve Perth and its suburbs and strive to deliver the best and most effective carpet cleaning services to all our clients.

    • We are pleased to provide competitive carpet cleaning costs.
    • Convenient and flexible appointments for carpet cleanings
    • Same day and emergency services
    • Safe and eco-friendly solutions for carpet cleanings
    • Customer-friendly and professional carpet cleaners

    So look no further for carpet cleaning near me, and call us on Back 2 New Cleaning Perth right away and get your home to look clean and fresh.

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